Paul Masters, the owner of Spray Gun Repair Inc. of Thompson Connecticut has been rebuilding and cleaning Spray Guns Since 1976. At that time, he was working at the family owned business of “Masters Auto Body Supplies”, where he learned to rebuild and properly clean spray guns to meet the demands of the customer for a quality and proper cleaning of their automotive paint spray guns. 

Evolution Of The Company:

Since February 1995 Spray Gun Repair Inc. has been in business, and the company has literally exploded with growth. Starting with only a few customers, today Spray Gun Repair has well over 2200 customers that request Paul Masters' services on a regular basis. A great majority of those customers are jobbers and warehouses that need a good high quality cleaning facility such as Spray Gun Repair Incorporated. With his knowledgeable   staff  and state of the art cleaning and repair facility, Paul Masters of Spray Gun Repair Inc. is known throughout the industry as the place where you send your guns to be repaired.

State Of The Art Service:

With the requirements of the customer increasing and service a must, the company has adapted to meet those needs. With the introduction of modern computers and state of the art software, Spray Gun Repair Inc. can handle any sort of request with the professionalism and respect the customer needs. The advanced computer and diagnostic network systems employed at Spray Gun Repair Inc. can help the customer tremendously. With multiple workstations and start of the art shipping software, the company can tell instantly when the spray gun was repaired, shipped to, received by whom, and what parts were utilized. This gives the customer a tremendous amount of information and the ability to tell if his or her company will receive the spray gun on time.